From $ 985.00

14K Gold Gothic Initial Sun Pendant 

Designed to be worn with any Yunis K chain necklace 3mm(0.12") and thinner.

NO Chain or 16" Dainty Chain Option (image shown)

Email if you want a personal engraving in the back of the pendant- price may incur
Also, available in 14K Gold Plated over Brass
Please allow 2-3 weeks for production. 


Symbol of the sun has transcended different cultures and time-representing life force, vital creativity, and the Self in its relation to the cosmic whole. It is the center of who we are, what drives us, where we hold light, our essence. Light that overcomes darkness. 

Sun is symbolic of the Self that is expressed outwardly - the self that shines openly to people around us including family, friends, coworkers etc. The sun position at our time of birth gives illumination as to our characteristics. Your sun sign is where it has the impulse to be. It is your inspiration to be within that garmentry.  The sun shines upon our symbolic selves and makes us most visible to the world.

The affirmation “I AM” stands in the planet Sun.

Made in LA